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قال ابن القيم رحمه الله:

“‏كما أن من اتقى الله جعل له من أمره يُسرا؛ فمن عطّل التقوى جعل الله له من أمره عُسرا”

[الداء والدواء ص ٨٧]

Ibn al-Qayyim – may Allah have mercy on him – said:

“In the same way that the affairs of the one who fears Allah are made easy, the affairs of the one who leaves off taqwa are made difficult.”

[ad-Daa wa Dawaa p. 87]


…like the vacant chambers of an empty heart


“Enough of a punishment for sins is that it prevents you from worshiping Allah even when you wanted to.”

Ibn Al Qayyim رحمه الله
[Al Daa’ page 87]

Searching the heavens

And verily for everything that a slave loses there is a substitute, but the one who loses Allah will never find anything to replace Him.”

[Related by Ibn al-Qayyim in ad-Dâ’ wad-Dawâ Fasl 49]

The Secret in Having Your Supplication Answered

“…And I often find that people supplicate with certain prayers and have their prayers answered, and they couple their supplication with their neediness and turning towards Allah, or a good deed they carried out that caused Allah to respond to this supplication out of gratitude for this good deed, or they happened to supplicate at a time in which it is more likely to be accepted, etc. So, his supplication was answered because of this.

One might think that the secret was in the specific wording of his supplication, and might therefore approach it simply from this angle while ignoring all of these other things that were coupled with it by the person supplicating. This is like someone who uses beneficial medicine at its proper time and in the proper manner and it benefits him as a result, and someone else thinks that simply using this medicine regardless of these other factors will bring about the same benefit. This person is wrong, and this is where many people fall into error.

An example of this is when a needy person supplicates near a grave. So, the ignorant one thinks that the secret of his supplication being answered lies in this grave, and he doesn’t know that the real secret is in his neediness and full dependence on Allah. So, if this happens in a House from the Houses of Allah, this would be better and more beloved to Allah.

And supplications and prayers of refuge are like weapons, and a weapon is only as effective as the one using it, not just based on how sharp it is. So, as perfect and flawless a weapon is, as strong as the arm is that is using it, as much as there is nothing to nullify its effectiveness – the more damaging it will be against the enemy. And whenever one of these three elements is absent, the effect will be held back.

So, if the supplication itself is not good, or the one supplicating does not have both his heart and tongue present when making it, or there is some element present to prevent it from being answered, it will have no effect…”

[‘ad-Da’ wad-Dawa”; p. 40-41]